Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Coping Blocks are designed to interconnect and ease installation of any building or building design requirement. Each block is specifically created using pre-cast molds at our manufacturing facility, or for larger jobs, onsite. Once formed each is inspected to ensure quality by one of our engineers. When ready for installation, each block is installed, and interconnected, per the specifications provided by the client.

Below is an example of requirements given to us when creating a training environment for the United States Marine Corps. The resulting training environment has been in constant use since completion of construction without any failures.

  • Amidon Ballistic Concrete "Your Cornerstone for Crowd Safety"

  • Amidon Ballistic Concrete | Large Venues

  • Amidon Ballistic Concrete | Concert Safety

  • Amidon Ballistic Concrete | Safe House

When structures cannot be replaced due to financials, time or other sensitivities; but must be made ballistically secure, Amidon Ballistic Concrete® facility protection products offer the best solution available. Without the need to stop working in a facility our patented Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) allow a bulletproof exterior to be added to many existing structures. These tiles are affixed to the building providing a safe working / living environment for all inside without the need to shut the facility down during retrofit.

This solution is perfect for embassies, residences, areas where sensitive business is conducted or any other structure in areas of the world that need safe environments, but the risk of attack exists. The process is relatively simple; we add a bulletproof skin to an existing building.

Amidon Ballistic Concrete Masonry Units

Certain configurations will require a different approach however most structures can be fortified with Amidon Ballistic Concrete® CMUs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and one of our experts will guide you through the decision process.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of a typical wall construction without ABC Protection and the same environment with protection.

CMU Blocks

Building demonstration of facility without ABC structure.

ABC Structures

Safe Houses and Rooms

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® safe houses and rooms are designed to withstand a variety of ballistics – from flying debris from a tornado to explosives and projectiles. Each safe house, or room, is built to the specific requirements of the client in coordination with our design engineers and location specific ordinances. We buy you time so the cavalry can come.


Exterior Wall Protection

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Exterior Wall Protection allows for retrofitting of a ballistic barrier to any pre-existing building wall. These barriers withstand a variety of ballistics – from flying debris from a tornado to explosives and projectiles. Easily installed by any trained mason, these walls provide a secure comfort to those inside.


ABC Barriers

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Barriers are modular interconnecting units that vary in height from 3 to 12 feet. When properly installed these barriers will stop pedestrians and vehicles from being a potential threat. Made from the same material used in construction of a safe house, these barriers withstand a variety of ballistics – from flying debris from a tornado to explosives and projectiles. In an emergency, these barriers can shield those in harm’s way from getting hurt.


ABC Ballistic Flowerpots

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Flowerpots are decorative and blend into the environment. However, should the need arise, these flowerpots will absorb a variety of ballistics, and will shield those who use them for cover. In addition, these flowerpots are heavy enough to stop vehicles that may be trying to ram into the building these pots are protecting. Invisibly blending in to provide a safe environment for you and your clients.

ABC Ballistic Benches

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Benches are designed to be very functional and comfortable while also providing ballistic protection should there be a need. Not only can people enjoy the outdoors and relax, they can also trust that these ballistic benches will shield those who use them for cover. Invisibly blending into the environment to provide function and safety.

ABC Ballistic Décor Combinations

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® will work with you to create an invisible mixing of ballistic barriers, flowerpots, and benches. When combined together the area will look harmless and welcoming. Yet, should the need arise, these objects will absorb and protect those who are under attack. Amidon Ballistic Concrete combining safety with function.