Training Facilities & Ranges

At the heart of every live-fire structure we create is Amidon Ballistic Concrete® (ABC) —
the world’s most advanced
ballistic concrete.

Delta MOUT, TwentyNine Palms, CA

This project included the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of 22 live fire buildings comprised of over 4,200 ballistic wall panels and 18,000 target blocks.
The entire project was competed in 270 days which is considerable considering the added complexity of a remote environment, harsh terrain,
and challenging weather conditions.

Live Fire MOUT Villages, Fort Polk, LA

Amidon has the distinction of building the largest ballistic live fire facilities for the U.S. Military including the U.S. Army MOUT site at Fort Polk, LA. The entire project amounted to 34 buildings, 4,800 ballistic walls and 18,000 target blocks and was designed, fabricated, installed, tested and put into service within 270 days.

Design-Build Live Fire Urban C-IED Objective Complex, Ft. Bliss, TX

Amidon developed an entire multi-functional urban complex capable of supporting conventional, SOF, individual, collective, IED training and joint LFX. Particularly noteworthy is the ability of the complex to accommodate full-spectrum operations from low intensity conflict to vehicle borne improvised explosive devices to suicide bombers and explosive formed penetrators among others. Importantly, this complex is able to support simultaneous commitment of all forces on a single complex urban objective.


  • Underground Live Fire Trainer, Range 68, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Live Fire Training Village (10 x buildings total including 2 x two-story structures), Fort Bliss, TX

  • 2-Story Live Fire Training Building, Range 63, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Two Live Fire Villages (34 x buildings total including 9 x two-story structures), Fort Polk,LA

  • Two Live Fire Villages (34 x buildings total including 9 x two-story structures), Fort Polk,LA

  • Home Station MOUT, Live Fire Building MOUT Site (22 x buildings total including 8x two-story structures), Twentynine Palms, CA

  • Live Fire Stress Course, Range 62, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Home Station MOUT, Live Fire Grenade House, Pohakuloa Training Area, HI

  • Live Fire Training Lane Trench Line with Bunkers, West McKeithan Pond, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Live Fire Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Training Facilities, TigerSwan Training Collaboration Center, NC

  • Live Fire Buildings, West McKeithan Pond, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Live Fire Buildings, Range 77 Fort Bragg, NC

  • Combative Pit & Retaining Wall System, Fort Bragg, NC

  • Live Fire Robot Training Facility & EOD Pits, EOD Range, Fort Bragg, NC