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3D Simulation Services

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® has an in-house team of full-service simulation artists and designers. We make your concepts come alive allowing full fly-throughs that assist in building positioning, mission appropriateness, and even allow you to test ideas and experience them through the immersive world interface.

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Simulated Tactical Arms Readiness Training (START)

Amidon’s “Simulated Tactical Arms Readiness Training (START)” Program utilizes advanced software to (1) replicate the actual training facility with highly realistic 3D virtual simulation, (2) provide interactive immersive-world, live fire training capabilities where trainees can move around as an avatar within the facility, shoot and be shot at — all virtually, (3) control the entire facility including all video and audio recordings as well as effects, including sound, scent, smoke and targetry.

Enhanced Realism

Amidon can combine multiple technologies to create a hyper-realistic environment including advanced 3D targetry designed to react to live fire training (motion-activated, hit detection capable), auditory and olfactory simulators, and extensive realistic interior finishes and exterior facades which can replicate almost any location.