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Amidon Ballistic Concrete is a proud member of a group of sister companies. Each specializing in a specific area of expertise. We welcome you to check out each to see if you and your company would benefit from the services they provide.

We invest in companies that are small, entrepreneurial, high energy, with a dedicated workforce willing to put the time and effort in to ensure success and prosperity. Ideally, we work with the existing management team to allow for success within their chosen business sector.

Our verification agency is positioned where fiscal responsibility and expert due diligence meet sound investigative principles and peerless customer service. Whether we begin with an audit of your existing screening program or design a new one from scratch, we mix the best of Midwestern sensibilities with hard work and exacting execution to deliver our services at the speed of business, and at a competitive price.

At TriHelix Software, we rely on decades of consulting expertise in technology and innovation to help Fortune 1000 customers in industries including Retail, Financial Services, and Healthcare, by designing and developing scalable software solutions and integrating complex systems. We deliver profound results by building dedicated teams that work by your side, but not on your payroll.

Amidon Shield is specifically designed for ease of installation and long-lasting sustainability. Created to protect against a variety of high-velocity threats, Amidon Shield is perfect for security walls, safe rooms, and a variety of other secure enclosures. We are a patented, tested, and approved product designed to protect your family, home, or office, from unforeseen natural or human threats.