Meet Brad Johnson, President, of Blueline Contracting located in Graham, North Carolina. Mr. Johnson will explain the unique characteristics of Amidon Ballistic Concrete® and a summary of recent testing results.  Over a decade of intense independent testing shows that Amidon Ballistic Concrete has received over 70,000 test rounds delivered to over 50,000 ABC blocks with zero failures. This remarkable accomplishment is the result of a superior mix design, a well-documented process and tremendous attention to detail.

Amidon Ballistic Concrete Testing

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® has been used in US Military Live Fire Training facilities continuously for years without a single failure. We take pride in our product and the safety record established. Our in-house testing checks each and every batch we pour to make sure it passes our rigorous quality assurance standards. The Army Corps of Engineers, Aberdeen Proving Ground tested our product and rated it superior to their own SACON (Shock Absorbing Concrete). In addition, we regularly use certified and respected independent testing services to ensure we meet any and all industry standards. A sampling of third-party testing service companies used is below.

  • NTS-Chesapeake Testing | Ballistic Resistance Testing

  • GHD | Lead Leaching Testing

  • BlueLine Consulting | Compressive Strength Testing & Ballistic Penetration Testing

  • Grace Analytical | Freeze – Thaw Durability Testing

  • Not only have we tested our products for ballistic absorption; we have also tested for strength, lead leaching, what happens in extreme hot and cold environments, and when submerged for a prolonged period. If you are interested in learning more about our test results, please contact your Amidon Ballistic Concrete® Sales Representative.