Training Facilities & Ranges

At the heart of every live fire structure we create is Amidon Ballistic Concrete® (ABC) — the world’s most advanced ballistic concrete.

Extensively tested by the U.S. Military, ABC has considerable benefits over traditional live fire structures such as steel and rubber or gravel-encased systems. ABC safely absorbs the greatest capacity for rounds and is easily repaired, thereby reducing maintenance costs and downtime. It’s no wonder why the US government has entrusted Amidon to build its largest live fire facilities in the world. It’s just that simple.

The Amidon Difference

Training facilities and ranges unlike any other

Designed and Developed for Each Customer’s Needs

Modern live fire facilities must reflect actual scenarios in order to maximize training opportunities. We work carefully to understand each client’s needs and create a live fire facility reflecting those needs. This can include multiple types of buildings, numerous objectives, location-specific facades and highly realistic atmospherics such as motion activated targets and simulators for scent, sound and smoke.

Most Advanced Ballistic Concrete

ABC sets the industry standard for ballistic concrete because of it’s durability, speed of installation and repair, lower maintenance and life–cycle costs and best ballistic performance. In addition, our patented process provides flexibility in configurations allowing for ultimate flexibility to reflect multiple training scenarios.

START Technology for Virtual Capabilities and Enhanced AAR

Amidon’s Simulated Tactical Arms Readiness Training (START) Program utilizes advanced software to (1) replicate the actual training facility with highly realistic 3D virtual simulation (2) provide interactive immersive-world, live fire training capabilities where trainees can move around as an avatar within the facility, shoot and be shot at — all virtually (3) control the entire facility including all video and audio recordings as well as effects, including sound, scent, smoke and targetry.

Multistory Capability and Modular Design

Amidon Ballistic Concrete® is unique among it’s competitors in it’s ability to create multiple types of ballistic-safe buildings in multiple stories. This has created a realism that is unmatched in ballistic concrete facilities. Additionally, ABC is modular thereby permitting a wider range of configurations for multiple training scenarios.

Enhanced Realism

Amidon is able to combine a number of technologies to create a hyper-realistic environment including advanced 3D targetry designed to react to live fire training (motion-activated, hit detection capable), auditory and olfactory simulators and extensive realistic interior finishes and exterior facades which can replicate almost any locale.

MG David Grange (Ret.), Former Commander, 75th Ranger Regiment steps from behind an Amidon Ballistic Concrete wall used in a live-fire demonstration.