Historic Preservation

Iconic. Beautiful. Forever.

Amidon Historic Preservation has been entrusted with preserving some of America’s most revered and recognizable historical sites. From restoring the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to Jimmy Carter’s High School, we take great pride in combining our work ethic with the sensitivity required by these national treasures.

The Amidon Difference

We offer

Unique Solutions to Unique Challenges

Every historic restoration or rehabilitation has unique challenges, many of which aren’t evident during the initial assessment. Amidon excels in being able to handle these unique circumstances and provide novel solutions to our clients. We have a demonstrated track record in numerous high profile, fast track projects. One of our strengths is being able to fully integrate onsite in order to minimize the impact on the historical site. More often than not this allows the site to remain open to staff and visitors which is of paramount importance among numerous historical sites.

Sensitivity to Historic Monuments

We recognize that working on U.S. historic monuments requires a degree of sensitivity and understanding that might not be present in a typical renovation. We share the belief that historic monuments have a special place in the hearts and minds of those Americans that celebrate our country’s history. Being mindful of this we take every precaution to ensure that our work is not only compliant with National Park Service Preservation Brief restoration standards, but that we work with the understanding and care demanded of our historic icons.


Safety is one of our highest priorities and we have adopted a very proactive approach to ensuring the safety of our clients, our workers and anyone else who may be involved in our projects. In addition to providing a Safety Manager who is responsible for managing all aspects of the project’s safety program, we have mandated numerous programs through our Safety and Operations Staff including Project Specific Safety Programs (which includes a Job Safety Assessment for Major Activities), Pre-Task Planning, Substance Abuse Testing, Safety Orientation and Health and Safety Meetings. Additionally, we conduct a Worksite Safety Inspection Program which includes daily site inspections, daily and weekly safety audits as well as inspections by third parties.

Protecting the Environment

We are deeply concerned about protecting our environment and we excel in environmental compliance with strong onsite management, record compliance and ongoing training. Our experience includes working in high water quality areas, wetland restoration as well as state permitted projects. These include working with the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources permitting inclusive of SWP3 requirements, the National Park Service, and construction work on twenty acres of sensitive desert lands in California which contained endangered plants and wildlife.


Historic preservation can include a number of unique challenges particularly with regards to structural integrity. Recognizing this concern, we’ve developed Unmanned Arial Systems (UAS) capabilities specifically designed to assess the integrity of buildings, monuments and other structures.