Patented Ballistic Repair

Ballistic Repair

Amidon Ballistic Concrete is the only product specified by the Marine Corps for the safe and effective repair of Amidon Ballistic Concrete or SACON structures.

Reference – Ground Training Systems Support (GTSS) Performance Work Statement (PWS)

M67854-17-D-7829, M67854-17-D-7830, and M67854-17-D-7831 — Sec. Ballistic Concrete Patching Materials

The contractor shall use pre-assembled ballistic concrete patch kits that do not require separate foam generation. The patch methods using separate foam generation have proven problematic when producing small batches. The pre-assembled patch kit (vendor Amidon, Inc. pre-assembled patch kit) has been independently tested and validated as meeting the USMC ballistic requirements for use with USMC ABC and SACON™ live-fire shoothouses. The Amidon patch kits are approved for use for patching ballistic concrete structures. This kit is pre-weighed to produce 2.7 cubic feet of ballistic concrete material per batch. The simplified mixing process will reduce errors and likelihood of rejected patches. Alternative pre-assembled patch kits must be submitted to the COR prior to use in order to be tested, validated, and approved for ballistic and strength requirements. No alternative pre-assembled patch kits can be utilized until the kit has been tested and has received PCO approval.

Order your proprietary repair kits by email at:

Each repair kit consists of 5 buckets premixed with Amidon Ballistic Concrete, access to an online instructional video, and a test cylinder. All kits are assembled and shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina.

This video features several scenes from one of ourcomprehensive instructional videos on how to repair Amidon Ballistic Concrete structures. Access to the full video and our patented repair are available upon request.

Ballistic Concrete Pressurized Injector System

  • Only Aberdeen tested system for repairing ballistic concrete
  • Ensures density accuracy
  • Ballistic testing of repaired area