3D Design

Using 3D technologies to help plan, design and contemplate use cases isn’t optional when lives and money are on the line. It is imperative that design plans are rendered in a way that allows a full walkthrough to illustrate distances between structures, sightlines and even shadows cast at certain times of the day so that every decision is made with the proper data and mission considerations.

Our process starts with CAD drawings and moves to structures placed in a 3D virtual environment so that every angle can be examined, every mission scenario can be thought through and every structural consideration can be planned for. Gone are the days where simple hand drawn plans will work because we are building for functionality that will need input from many levels of command and control as well as the soldiers who will be receiving the training.

We do virtual walk / fly throughs until each structure meets the mission readiness requirements for a proper live fire range and then we begin construction. The process of modeling everything in 3D and sharing it actually shortens the design timeframe, lowers the cost, prevents placement and configuration mistakes and provides a complete history of every change made, when and who made it and the impact on the project budget and timeline.