Angela Amidon

President and CEO

Prior to starting Amidon, Inc., Angela worked as Human Resources Director at a defense contracting company providing world-wide integrated solutions and services to the U.S. Government and other agencies. From 1998-2006 Angela served honorably as a Military Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army. Over that time period she specialized in counterintelligence, personnel security, special security, classified couriering, foreign disclosure, information systems security, physical security, base defense, and security guarding, patrolling and escorting. Her military service included deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom to Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq with the XVIII Airborne Corps out of Fort Bragg, N.C. Due to her proficiency in intelligence and security experience, she was instrumental in ensuring maximum force protection at numerous base camps by implementing Quick Reaction Force (QRF) training, base defense procedures, and security positioning plans. She also designed security measures/layouts, and worked closely with military engineers to construct tiered-entry control points, layered perimeter protections, security towers, and entire base layouts. She achieved the rank of Captain before leaving the military to start her entrepreneurial journey.

Angela attended Marion Military Institute from 1996-1998 where she graduated as Valedictorian. Notably, she was the first female to ever reach the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel in the history of the academy. She also attended North Carolina State University where she earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Angela has received numerous awards on behalf of Amidon including: the North Carolina Minority Small Business Person of the Year, Business Leader’s Top 300 Small Businesses of the South and Business Leader’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs award and CED’s North Carolina Companies to Watch award, which honors growth oriented, second-stage companies headquartered in North Carolina that demonstrate high performance in their market, exhibit innovative products, and display other unique qualities that make them “worth watching.”

Angela is a licensed Commercial General Contractor, Counterintelligence Professional, Classified Courier, Private Investigator, Security Guard & Patrol Professional, and Certified Firearms Instructor.

Clayton Amidon

Senior VP and COO

Clayton Amidon is a veteran of the United States Air Force where he served honorably from 1992-1999 which included deployments to Italy and Sicily ISO Operation Deny Flight 1995 and Operation Deliberate Force 1999. During his service with the USAF, Clayton was instrumental in the USAF night vision modification for the A-10 attack aircraft and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Upon leaving the USAF, Clayton routinely worked in conjunction with various other local, state, and federal agencies as a “strike team” member and officer with the Raleigh Police Department. The strike team’s primary area of responsibility was to counter violent street level crimes to include armed robbery, gun traffickers, drug traffickers, high-risk search warrants, surveillance and apprehension operations, among others. Clayton crossed-trained with the Investigative Division where he was assigned and assisted in numerous investigations from larceny and armed robbery to homicide and narcotics trafficking. During his tenure from 1995-2005, Clayton worked with the U.S. Marshall service, ATF, DEA, FBI, and the U.S. Secret Service as well as the local District Attorney’s office and U.S. Attorney’s office.

Notably, Clayton was responsible for designing and managing construction of two of the largest ballistic concrete live-fire facilities in the U.S. Military’s inventory: the U.S. Army MOUT training facility at Ft. Polk, LA and the U.S.M.C. Delta MOUT site at Twenty-Nine Palms, CA. Both of these facilities were designed, fabricated, installed, tested and put into service within 270 days. In the case of Ft. Polk this amounted to 34 buildings including 4,800 ballistic wall panels, and 18,000 target blocks. Similarly, at Twenty-Nine Palms, Clayton was able to fully operationalize 22 live-fire buildings including 4,200 ballistic wall panels, 4,500 target blocks within 270 days. This project had the added complexity of working over desolate environments including harsh terrain and challenging weather conditions. Additionally, Clayton closely managed operations with Range personnel so as to not interfere with on-going training operations.

Clayton has studied at Louisiana Tech University and Western Carolina University, and is a Licensed Commercial General Contractor with over 20 years of GC experience.