About Amidon

Founded in 2006 Amidon Incorporated is a diversified company that provides products and services to both commercial and government clients in the following areas: Training Facilities and Ranges, Specialized Construction, Historic Preservation, Professional Services and Amidon Technologies. In each of these areas, Amidon has a proven track record of success with outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.

Amidon’s remarkable growth is due to the fact that it has remained true to its foundational values: customer focus, responsiveness, flexibility, innovation, quality and stewardship. As a customer you will find examples of these principles every day that we are working together.

These values have also driven the direction of the company from providing the finest, most advanced ballistic concrete facilities in the world to preserving America’s most iconic historic monuments.

But there is one value that we hold in highest regard and that is: we care. And as cliché as it may sound, the fact that we do care has tremendous implications across our company — from our work environment and employees’ satisfaction to our relationships with our vendors and our customers. We’ve found that this simple value of caring makes a difference in everything we do. From how we conduct ourselves to the minute details of every project. The results are simply better.

Amidon. There is a Difference.